National Poetry Month San Antonio (NPMSA)


For almost two decades, The Academy of American Poets has celebrated April as National Poetry Month (NPM) in order to increase public awareness about the importance of poetry and its essential place in American culture.

As a part of this initiative, in 2009 the City of San Antonio published its own local NPM calendar which provided the public with information about poetry readings, workshops, spoken word and slam competitions, panel discussions, and many more activities. A commitment to support the literary arts and a validation of San Antonio’s rich literary culture, this year’s calendar highlights events that take place all across the city and in surrounding areas. Join the effort to connect the poets and the public.

Current Events

Poetry Books

This book list highlights local writers and their published works in 2015 and 2016. To have your poetry book listed in future National Poetry Month calendars, contact Jim La Ville-Havelin.

  • Barker, Wendy, One Blackbird At A Time (BkMk Press); and From The Moon, Earth Is Blue (Wings Press)
  • Bonazzi, Roberto, Outside the Margins (Wings Press), Criticism; and Awakened by Surprise (Lamar University Press), Short Fiction
  • Cantu, Norma, Transcendental Train Yard (Wings Press)
  • Cisneros, Sandra, A House of My Own: Stores From My Life (Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group)
  • Dameron, Chip, Drinking From The River (Wings Press)
  • Davis, Glover, My Cup Of Darkness (Lamar University Press)
  • Dennis, James R., Correspondence In D Minor (Stephen F. Austin University Press)
  • Grant, Martha K. , A Curse On The Fairest Days (Kelsay Books – Aldrich Press)
  • Hartman, Michelle, The Lost Journal Of My Second Trip To Purgatory (Lamar University Press)
  • Hatch, Sheila Sanchez, Man And The Moon: Love Poems (
  • Milligan, Bryce, Take To The Highway: Arabesques For Travelers (West End Press)
  • Nye, Naomi Shihab, Famous (Wings Press)
  • Olinka, Sharon, Old Ballerina Club (Dos Madres Press)
  • Oliphant, Dave, Generations Of Texas Poets (Wings Press), Criticism
  • Perez, Juan, Sex, Lies, and Chupacabras (CreateSpace Independence Publishing Platform)
  • Saidi, Mo, The Marchers (Word Design Press)
  • Schneider, Steven and Reefka, The Magic Of The Mariachi, La Magica Del Mariachi (Wings Press)
  • Soupiset, Paul, Peregrine; and Mockingbird (CreateSpace Independence Publishing Platform)
  • Stone, Dr. Charles, In The Rabbit Hole; Up The Down Staircase; Dancing In Strawberries; and Between The Margins (
  • Stryker, Rod C., Native Instincts (Human Error Publishing)
  • Van de Kamp, Alexandra, Kiss /Hierarchy (Rain Mountain Press)


  • Far Out: Poems Of The 60’s, edited by Wendy Barker & Dave Parsons (Wings Press)
  • The Right Way To Be Crippled and Naked, edited by Sheila Black, Michael Northen, Annabelle Hayse (Cinco Puntos)
  • Love Poems for San Antonio, City of San Antonio Department for Culture and Creative Development
  • Dos Gatos: Texas Poetry Calendar 2016, edited by Wade Martin and Allyson Whipple
  • Dos Gatos: Wingbeats II, edited by Scott Wiggerman and Dabid Meischen, poetry writing exercises
  • Gemini Ink: Borderline Out of Mind, poetry from residents of Krier Juvenile
  • Correctional Treatment Center and Mission Road Center / edited by Jim LaVilla-Havelin and Erica De La Rosa
  • Gemini Ink: Recetas De Mi Vida, edited by Barbara Renaud Gonzalez
  • Dr. Malia Perez: Speculative Poets of Texas, Vol. 1, Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival, Boundless

Local Presses

Aztlan Libre | Dos Gatos | Trinity University Press | Wings Press

Magazines & Other Publication Opportunities

Blue Hole | The Enigmatist | Poetry Corner – SA Express-News | University Literary Magazines | VIA | Poetry on the Move | Voices de la Luna | Young Pegasus

Submit an Event

Thank you for your interest in participating in this year’s National Poetry Month (NPM). In 2014, the City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture implemented this online self-entry method, in an effort to streamline the process of gathering information about NPM related events taking place throughout San Antonio and surrounding areas, as well as to expand the vitality of the program.

Agencies, organizations, groups, and/or individuals are invited to submit their event(s) below. Last year, more than 10,000 printed calendars were circulated across San Antonio, increasing and enriching NPM outreach to the greater public. For all entries, please include the event title, location, time, date, a brief description, and phone number and/or email of the event organizer/contact person. Events that take place on more than one day must be reentered for each reoccurring date.

All events submitted will be automatically published in the National Poetry Month online calendar, the DCCD website, and promoted in other media platforms.

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