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FY2017 Art Funding Process FAQs

Technical Assistance - FAQs

Q: How should I submit the Technical Assistance application: by e-mail, hard copy mail, or hand-delivery?
A: All methods are acceptable, as long as the submission is in the DCCD office by the deadline of 4 p.m. on the second Friday of each month.

Q: I reside in Leon Valley. Can I apply for funding?
A: Only artists or arts & cultural organizations that reside within the boundaries of San Antonio proper are eligible to apply. 

Q: I turned in my application by the deadline but it is almost the end of the month and I haven't had any response. Our proposed activity is in a week. What do I do?
A: Per the FY 2015 Guidelines, all applicants are notified in the month following submission of the application as to whether or not they have been selected for funding. This review time period will need to be considered when applying for funding. Remember any application that falls outside of this timeframe will automatically be disqualified.

Q: We applied and were funded with TA at the beginning of the year. Can we apply for another TA activity?
A: Per the FY 2015 Guidelines, only one application per artist/organization annually.

Q: What do I need to submit?
A: Submit the completed application, activity (entire) budget, and the Technical Assistance checklist, which helps determine eligibility for funding as well as any other supporting documentation required such as 501(c)3 tax exempt letters, if applicable. If awarded, be sure to include a post-activity report with submittal of invoice.

Q: We received an award and now our project is complete, what do we need to do next?
A: Invoice our office and provide appropriate backup documents so that your eligible expenses will be reimbursed. You may use our standard DCCD invoice cover sheet.

  • In addition, submit a post-activity write-up (brief) describing how the funding from DCCD helped you or your arts organization.
  • Document the success of the event or project. Include pictures, hand-outs or any other helpful information.
  • Send us the above items as soon as possible after your project is completed.

Q: What kind of documentation do I need to provide for a consultant who will aid in our organizational, artistic and strategic development?
A: Send us a copy of the consultant’s certification and/or credentials and documentation regarding the company, location, services and fees, and your specific fee for this service to your arts organization.

Q: What qualifies as an acceptable workshop or training event requiring travel?
A: In your application, explain how this workshop or training will impact your artistic development. In addition, explain how you will bring this artistic development back to benefit the residents of San Antonio and the San Antonio artist community.

  • Provide a copy of the workshop or training synopsis, class schedule and fees.
  • Provide a copy of the travel expenses associated with the workshop or training.

Q: How can I get reimbursed for the software that enhances organizational or artistic and/or administrative capacity?
A: Provide a copy of the software features and a copy of the retail or on-line pricing. You must be sure a TUTORIAL program is included with the software, or that you will purchase the TUTORIAL associated with this software purchase. NOTE: The Department for Culture and Creative Development does not reimburse for taxes.

Q: What type of professional administrative services qualify under the Technical Assistance program?
A: Expenses for an administrative assistant, bookkeeper, CPA, or any professional person who will upgrade the organizational fiscal and/or administrative capacity will qualify. Send us with the person’s documentation, certification and/or credentials and a brochure or documentation regarding the company, location, services and fees, and your specific fee for this service to your arts organization.

Q: What information do you need for the Artists Residency-related activities?
A: Name and location of the Artist-in-Residence program, length of time, and the amount of financial support the residency is providing. What financial support does the artist need to provide.

  • Is this a competitive artists residency program?
  • Was your artwork reviewed and accepted into this artist residency program?
  • What fees are you charged to attend this artist residency program?

NOTE: We do not provide Technical Assistance support for artist residency retreats.

Q: Whom should I contact regarding any questions on this TA application?
A: Laura Nunn, Contract Manager, is the contact for any questions regarding TA funding.

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