Venue Rental Policies & Guidelines


  • At no time shall entrances, passages, exits, walkways, entrance to shops or patios, or handicap access be blocked or caused to be nonfunctional. Gates may not be closed to the public until 6 p.m.
  • The Shops of La Villita are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday-Saturday, and some on Sunday. The Arneson River Theatre and/or Plaza gates must remain open to public access and cannot be closed for events charging admission prior to 6 p.m.
  • Events must end at 11 p.m. each evening except Saturday, when events may continue until 12 midnight.
  • A dumpster must be provided for groups over 500 (unless organizers take trash with them).
  • Events attended by more than 1,000 people must be Green Ordinance compliant. Please contact La Villita coordinator for application at 210-207-8614.
  • Permanent restrooms on the premises will be cleaned and serviced by La Villita staff before Licensee’s event. Restroom attendants are not available to staff facility restrooms during the event. Licensees may hire such attendants, if desired, at their own expense.
  • At Arneson River Theatre, clothes hangers should not be hung from water or electrical pipes.
  • In the event of inclement weather, tents must be approved by the La Villita coordinator and a permit may be required.  All tent poles must be supported by “water barrels.” No stakes of any kind will be permitted.

FOOD AND DRINK. Alcoholic beverages may be sold, given or consumed pursuant to applicable state and local laws and subject to regulations and fees established by the City of San Antonio (COSA). You may hire a caterer of your choice.

  • Beverages may not be served in glass containers
  • The caterer and licensee are responsible for the safe removal of all glass containers in which food and beverages may have been delivered.
  • Violation of the glass container policy may result in forfeiture of damage deposit
  • All equipment brought in by the licensee must be removed immediately following the event
  • The City of San Antonio (COSA) is not responsible for any equipment used by licensee
  • Food must not be placed in any sink drain.
  • All cooking appliances and deep fryers that utilize grease or oil for food preparation MUST have nonpermeable protective sheets (such as vinyl, rubber, roofing paper, plywood, etc.) placed underneath to protect all ground surfaces. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Licensee/Event organizer must ensure all grease/oil utilized by vendors is secured, removed from premises, and properly disposed of following the event. No grease/oil may be discarded on La Villita property or in the La Villita trash compactor.
  • Barbecue pits may be used at the facilities (only nonsmoke charcoal or butane, no wood). Nonpermeable protective sheets (such as vinyl, rubber, roofing paper, plywood, etc.) MUST be placed underneath the pits to protect all ground surfaces. NO EXCEPTIONS.

DAMAGE DEPOSIT OF $500. You are responsible for all costs of cleanup and removal of all equipment, trash and decorations and any damages that may occur during your event, including the actions of your guests. Do not remove or alter any COSA property. Areas may be decorated; however, no adhesives, nails, tacks or similar devices may be used on walls. Violations of policies may result in forfeiture of damage deposit. All equipment and/or decorations must be removed immediately following the event.

  • If cleaning is neglected or inadequate, the damage deposit will be forfeited.
  • If any items are brought in cardboard boxes, boxes must be torn down before being placed in trash area
  • Nails, hooks, tacks, screws, stakes or similar devices may not be driven into walls of buildings or park fixtures. No adhesive material of any sort is allowed on painted surfaces. Damages caused by such actions will result in automatic forfeiture of the damage deposit.
  • Decorations may not be hung from light strings.

ELECTRICITY. Electrical power stations are available. If additional electricity is needed, you must secure a permit from City of San Antonio, Development and Business Services Center, 1901 S. Alamo, as well as install and maintain temporary electrical service for stages, vendor booths, etc., in compliance with COSA code. Only licensed and bonded electricians may perform installations.

LIABILITY INSURANCE. General Liability Insurance is required a minimum of 30 days prior to your scheduled event. This certificate of insurance must reflect the City of San Antonio as “additional insured.” COSA Tenant Users Liability Insurance (T.U.L.I.P) is available through the COSA Risk Management Office if needed. The La Villita coordinator will provide an application upon request. An Alcohol Liability Insurance certificate and a TABC permit are required if alcohol is to be sold. Call the La Villita office at 210-207-8614 for more information.

MUSIC. Live or recorded music is welcome. However, amplified music must comply with COSA Ordinance #62550. A decibel meter is used to monitor sound levels, which should not exceed 72 db. Licensee further understands and agrees that, in the event that Licensee intends to play or perform copyrighted music it must obtain licenses for such music from the owners of such copyrights, including, but not limited to, ASCAP. Licensee covenants and agrees to fully INDEMIFY and HOLD HARMLESS, the COSA for any claims for damages or licensing fees claimed by any copyright holder based on the Licensee’s use of the licensed premises.

SECURITY. It is mandatory for licensees to contact the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) Off-Duty Office at 210-207-7020 to verify that security will be provided during your event.

TABLE AND CHAIR RENTAL FEES (optional): Rented equipment is stacked in venue but not set up. Cost: $8 per table and $2 per chair (tan/metal only). The Cos House has ten 60-inch-round tables (seating 8-10 per table) available for rent. Aluminum banquet tables (6 feet) are available at all other venues (seating 6-8 per table).

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