Public Art

Public Artwork


Additional Directions: East Commerce and IH37

Light Channels

Artist: Bill FitzGibbons
Category: categoryDowntown categoryInfrastructure/Streets
Details: light art, LED lighting, aluminum (metal)
Date completed: 2006
The artwork utilizes LED lighting systems to create slowly-changing color patterns onto surrounding columns and sidewalks. In addition to lighting, the project includes nine aluminum-capped sculptural columns at both bridge entrances, creating a “colonnade” effect. Sidewalks and rip-rap were repaired and concrete columns were cleaned and painted a sky-blue color.   The IH37  demonstrated how public art connects our community, sparks revitalization, and provides functional and dynamic solutions which enliven our built-environment.
The project transforms highly-traveled but blighted areas into passages that encourage pedestrian activity and promotes revitalization east of downtown San Antonio.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018