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4135 Thousand Oaks Dr.

Additional Directions: District 10 Senior Center

San Antonio Songbirds

Category: categoryFacilities
Details: mosaics (visual works), glass-glazed ceramic, tile
Dimensions: 260 square ft.
Date completed: 2015

Combining several songbirds native to San Antonio on a larger than life scale with a surrounding “quilted” pattern of mosaics, the murals’  tile surface ranges from high gloss iridescent to rough textured natural stone, in the complementary colors of rich blues to earthy ambers.   The most detailed areas will be at eye level.  The mural also includes handmade tiles with historic dates contributed by members of the community. The tiles with dates, will be woven into the mosaic, and  become a personal marker with different associations for each person, sparking conversation and discussion.  

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Thursday, October 19, 2017